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From music to boat building, construction. Back to the melody and finding harmony in Tasmania

Lachlan Maclennan Luthier and maker in his studio working on a custom mandolin.
Lachlan Maclennan Carpenter and Maker logo elements


Lachlan is a carpenter and maker. His professional journey spans various fields, finding its anchor in his passion for working with timber. In pursuit of a dream to master the art of boat building, Lachlan moved to Tasmania in 2006.

The island’s allure and its magnificent timbers captured his heart, setting the stage for his immersion into the world of a timber craftsman within the boat building realm

After completing a Certificate in Traditional Wooden Boat Building at the Wooden Boat Centre of Tasmania in 2007, Lachlan’s skills flourished. He worked on diverse projects, including the construction of a 32-foot Huon Pine planked yacht. This marked the beginning of his association with the center, where he undertook commissioned projects and shared his expertise by teaching clinker dinghy building courses

During his tenure at Denman Marine from 2009 to 2019, Lachlan played a pivotal role building traditional clinker dinghies, modern daysailers and historic restorations. Progressing to the role of lead tradesman and company draftsman, Lachlan’s influence echoed throughout Denman Marine. His craftsmanship extended to the rebuild of the Te’ Rapunga.

Lachlan Maclennan Carpenter and Maker logo elements

coming home

In the subsequent phase of his career, from 2019 to 2022, Lachlan embraced the role of project Foreman at In2Construction, contributing to several architect-led construction projects that garnered acclaim and recognition.

Despite his professional excursions, Lachlan remained a familiar presence at Wooden Boat Festivals since 2007, showcasing his craftsmanship through meticulously crafted boats.

His commitment to community involvement manifested in the construction of seven consecutive clinker dinghies for the Peregrine School raffle, a fixture at the Salamanca Markets.

Lachlan’s work has not gone unnoticed on the international stage; featured multiple times in Wooden Boat Magazine, a testament to his standing in the global wooden boat building community.

Now, Lachlan Maclennan stands at a crossroads, returning to his musical roots with a new perspective — that of an artisan. Unveiling his latest endeavour, handcrafted musical instruments, inviting the public to witness the harmony between his two passions: craftsmanship and music.

Custom mandolins made by Lachlan Maclennan Tasmanian Maker
Custom mandolins made by Lachlan Maclennan Tasmanian Maker
Custom mandolins made by Lachlan Maclennan Tasmanian Maker